Merchwide is a full service Merchandise Management & Marketing company located in Orange County, California. We offer a broad range of services that can provide for all of your merchandise marketing needs. We specialize in design, production, E-commerce, fulfillment,marketing, and brand development. All of our services are managed under one roof for a hands on, one stop shop. Merchwide clients reap the benefits of our proven systems for merchandise management while receiving personalized service and real world marketing solutions.


How We Work

  • Growing your Merchandise business with combined strategic goals that exceeds your operational expectations.
  • Strategic planning that is based on day-to-day tactical execution.
  • Helping leverage your branded merchandise to achieve greater operating efficiency.
  • Finding new business opportunities to maximize results while not being constrained by relying exclusively on internal resources.
  • Becoming an extension of your ecommerce marketing team, complementing your internal resources and expertise with common objectives.
  • Helping to adopt new technologies, features and capabilities appropriate to your online and event Merchandise channel
  • Identifying new merchandising opportunities for improvement.
  • Creating a strong, interconnected relationship based on consistent, two-way dialog
  • Developing strategies and executing tactics that drive growth for your business

Merchandise that works for you

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