We have our own in-house creative design team. Our team’s focus is to first understand our clients brand identity so that we may develop merchandise that fulfills their marketing objectives. We also work with a select network of professional freelance artists that are chosen to best fit the personality and marketing objectives of a specific project.


Merchwide offers cutting edge online development services. We design and develop individual custom online stores that work with our client’s existing website and creates a seamless connection to a secure and easy-to-use online store. Our marketing department can plan for targeted sales, promotional events, merchandise advertising and even interactive fan contests that can help ensure maximum sell-thru for online stores. Inventory is managed daily, and because we run production in-house, we can guarantee complete product availability. In addition, our Customer Service department is always available to assist our online customers with any questions or concerns.


After the production of the merchandise is completed, our fulfillment team conducts a quality control check, labels all boxes, coordinates shipping and handles the tracking of all packages. Customers visiting our custom online E-commerce stores can track their orders and get status confirmations and updates. Merchwide handles International shipping and fulfills orders to over 250 destinations worldwide. Our up to the minute tour support fulfillment system allows for easy merchandise tracking during even the busiest concert tour season.


Merchwide understands the importance of controlled production. Our in-house production department produces cutting edge screen printing, quality embroidery, and custom cut & sew branded projects. Merchwide has the expertise to bring the right product to a customer’s target market.


Merchwide can help produce non traditional merchandise. These items include bobbleheads, toy figurines, jewelry, specialty garments, and similar items. Project management is the most crucial part of the process. Sampling, product images, price and production scheduling will all be managed by our production managers to ensure the best end result of quality and logistics.


We are connected with over 5000 manufactures in the in the US and overseas that make promotional material ready to add your logo. These items include koozies, keychains, picture frames, bottle openers, glassware, backpacks, and more.


Merchwide assists in planning the correct merchandise mix, order quantities, and the logistics needed for tours or promotional campaigns. We study our clients previous tours and merchandise sales history so we can combine it with our knowledge of the current state of the industry, merchandise and popular culture trends, and event/venue schedules. We put realistic plans in place to increase sales, assure profits and reduce waste and overstocks. Merchwide’s merchandise managers work closely with our clients to maintain accurate stock and coordinate shipments of merchandise as needed.


Merchwide has merchandise production affiliates in the United Kingdom, Canada, Jakarta Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, and Australia. We offer more than just International production. Our International affiliates work closely with our merchandise managers in each country to help manage with event merchandising and special drop shipments. We have grown our network of international affiliates heavily throughout the years.


Merchwide has relationships with the merchandise buyers at major retailers such as Hot Topic, and Pacsun.  We have the expertise and the ability to present our clients merchandise when it is appropriate with an understanding of what each buyer wants to see, and what the retail store considers to be retail ready product.



  • Growing your Merchandise business with combined strategic goals that exceeds your operational expectations.
  • Strategic planning that is based on day-to-day tactical execution.
  • Helping leverage your branded merchandise to achieve greater operating efficiency.
  • Finding new business opportunities to maximize results while not being constrained by relying exclusively on internal resources.
  • Becoming an extension of your ecommerce marketing team, complementing your internal resources and expertise with common objectives.
  • Helping to adopt new technologies, features and capabilities appropriate to your online and event Merchandise channel
  • Identifying new merchandising opportunities for improvement.
  • Creating a strong, interconnected relationship based on consistent, two-way dialog
  • Developing strategies and executing tactics that drive growth for your business
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