You need a Merchandise Manager who’s responsible for GROWING & MANAGING your branded merchandise on a daily basis?  

Merchwide is a full service Merchandise Management & Marketing company located in Orange County, California. We have 10+ years of Entertainment Merchandising Experience.  Our portfolio of managing and growing merchandise brands for the Entertainment Industry includes Snoop Dogg, 311, Pennywise, John Fogerty, Bing Crosby, G-Eazy, Rebelution, Fishbone, Pepper, The Wailers, Peggy Lee, Gallant, Candlebox, Lit, and more.

What if your Merchandise Manager has every resource available to execute?

Merchwide specializes in creative design, production, procurement, E-commerce, fulfillment, marketing, and brand development. All of our services are managed under one roof for a hands on, one-stop creative destination.

If you’re established or just growing in the Entertainment Industry and understand your Merchandise Brand hasn’t reached it’s full potential, let’s connect. or just give us a call at the office: 714.568.1126.


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